Masalo® Cuff – operating principle

masalo cuff MED against tennis elbow with revolutionary counter-traction principle

Brief summary:

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Immediate and permanent pain relief due to the revolutionary counter-traction principle

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The tendon insertions of the forearm are protected and the healing process can be supported

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Working and exercising can be resumed quickly and the arm can be fully used again

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The Masalo® Cuff can be worn permanently and relieves the affected areas even at night!

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The Masalo® Cuff has a unique mechanism of action and, unlike any other ordinary clasp or brace, it does NOT work with compression and does NOT have a negative effect on the blood flow.

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The Masalo® Cuff MED is washable and suitable for swimming as well as other water sports

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The Masalo® Cuff has already helped thousands of patients to get rid of their epicondylitis

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The Masalo® Cuff is a medical device according to regulation 2017/745/EU
The cause of the epicondylitis with microcracks and inflamed tendon insertions
Masalo counter-traction principle against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm, epicondylitis which immediately reduces the tractive forces

Main cause of the epicondylitis

With each movement of the arm, fingers or wrist, tensile forces of the forearm muscles act on the tendon attachments at the elbow. Unusually high loads, strenuous or repetitive movements of the arm can lead to microcracks in these tendons and they may become inflamed. These are the main causes for the tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow.

If tensile forces are the main cause for the injury and if every single movement of the arm may even aggravate the condition, wouldn’t it be logical to apply a counter-force to the area affected?

That’s exactly what the Masalo® Cuff does – simple, logical, very effective!

Operating principle

illustration of the masalo cuff against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm (epicondylitis) with its revolutionary counter-traction principle

The Masalo® Cuff MED works with the proven Masalo® counter-traction principle, which is still unique in the field of epicondylitis treatment. More than 26,000 customers have already been able to cure their treacherous injury with the help of our Masalo® BASIC leather cuff.

The comfortable forearm cuff of the Masalo® cuff MED is placed a few inches apart from the elbow and fixed with a high-quality and very durable Velcro fastener. The upper arm strap is also strapped together with a Velcro and adjusted accordingly to the desired activity and load of the arm.

With every extension a counter-traction follows, which attenuates and sometimes even completely neutralises the tensile forces acting on the tendon whereby elbow and tendons are relieved. Despite the relief of the forearm, the muscles are not weakening, because the arm can still be used normally. Due to the unrestricted blood flow the healing process may also be promoted.

This unique and patent pending construction keeps the upper arm strap in place regardless of the movement or the flexion of the arm. Slipping of the belt is prevented by an additional element with silicone nubs (which can optionally be easily removed as well). The tensile forces are reduced or completely stopped by the proven counter-traction principle and the affected area is relieved immediately. The negative tractive forces are diverted to the redesigned upper arm strap.

The Masalo® Cuff does NOT work with compression and works like NO other ordinary clasp, brace or cuff available!

As a result, the affected tendons can heal, while the arm can be used at full strength again.

Frau klettert und bouldert mit Masalo Manschette

If possible the cuff can and should be initially worn (for about 14 days) for 24 hours, – even at night – so that the tendons are relieved and uncontrolled movements while sleeping are not disturbed.

Frau schläft nachts und trägt Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm

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The Masalo® Cuff can be worn permanently –
even at night

Can the Masalo® Cuff really help me?

Please browse through our customer reviews. Thousands of fellow sufferers already won their battle against the treacherous epicondylitis thanks to the Masalo® Cuff.

The Masalo® Cuff can be worn preventively and provide immediate help with an acute and chronic epicondylitis. The Masalo® Cuff works when suffering from an inflammation on the inner arm (“golfer’s elbow”) as well as with pain in the outer arm (“tennis elbow”) and is available for both the right and the left arm. If worn at work or sports, the power development can be promoted.

The Masalo®Cuff can help you regain precious quality of life.

  • At work the painful area is relieved (office, handcraft, gardening etc.)
  • Weightlifting and other fitness exercising can be resumed quickly – free of pain
  • When playing tennis, experience has shown that the handling of the racket will be improved
  • The stabilisation of the elbow leads to increased power in sports such as javelin, handball, and volleyball
  • When playing golf, the cuff works as a kind of “guide” which improves your swing-consistency and your handicap
  • Suitable for swimming and other water sports
Illustration of the fitted Masalo Cuff MED against tennis elbow
Arzt verschreibt Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm (Epicondylitis)

A correctly applied Masalo® Cuff – the affected area is relieved noticeable

If unsure, please show our cuff or our product-info to a physician whom you trust 🙂

illustration of the masalo cuff against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm (epicondylitis) with its revolutionary counter-traction principle


The Masalo® Cuff MED is the (r)evolution of our proven leather cuff Masalo® BASIC and thanks to the feedback from hundreds of our customers, we really have improved the Masalo® Cuff MED in every aspect.

The superior effect of the Masalo® Cuff BASIC made of leather has always been the unique selling point of our clever invention – and this effect has now been even improved significantly.

The Masalo® Cuff MED is visually more attractive and consists of high-quality materials, multilayer textiles and high-tech fibers. Wearing the cuff is now very comfortable and simply a snug fit.

The cuff is washable and can therefore be worn in jobs with strict hygienic regulations as well as for swimming, water sports and much more.

The Masalo® Cuff MED is the ideal support for all patients suffering from an epicondylitis, as wekk as athletes, workers and other active people. The The Masalo® Cuff MED should be part of every medicine chest or gym bag to use as a preventive support.

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