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Even though many customers report an immediate freedom from pain, it may take a while to cure your tennis or golfer’s elbow completely. It’s also possible that the Masalo Cuff may not have the desired personal effect. An epicondylitis is a serious medical issue and medical incidents are always individual. The healing progress is dependent on many factors and differs for each patient. Therefore and for legal reasons we cannot and will not provide a healing guarantee. We wish you a rapid recovery!

Älterer Herr mit Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm hebt ohne Schmerzen Kind hoch
Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 31 reviews)
Very good7%
No effect0%

Positioning is all

Rated 4 out of 5
8. June 2022

Took a while to get the correct position and had to use non adhesive tape under the cuff to stop it from slipping and for comfort. It certainly relieved the pain in my elbow, but will have to wait to see long term results. Also takes a while to get used to wearing.

James Scott Robertson

Finally pain free

Rated 5 out of 5
8. June 2022

I have suffered with chronic medial epicondylitis for 30 years+
These cuffs take away the everyday pain doing small tasks such as brushing my hair, peeling potatoes, light gardening, and even allow me to play golf. (Although not as much as I would like!). The injuries have not healed yet after 3 months of wearing them but I am certainly able to do a lot more of my everyday tasks and they are no worse…if anything slightly better. I am hopeful that I will make a full recovery with their assistance along the way

Fiona Edmond
, Colchester, Essex

I was sceptical but now my elbow is fixed after only two weeks!

Rated 5 out of 5
8. June 2022

I had to take a leap of faith. I work at a computer all day like so many and have multiple hobbies that involve fine movement of my hands – the ideal mix for development of tendinitis. My elbow was first aggravated back in 2005 when a well meaning badminton buddy showed me drop backhand serves. I was in agony for weeks but hadn’t suffered for years since until doing quilting in the evenings. I was sat at the table and had ‘ergonomically’ lowered the ironing board so I could swivel in my chair to press the pieces.
That was three months ago, I used an improvised pressure band which helped a bit but as soon as it was off my elbow really told me about it. I saw Masalo’s add on a YouTube break watching more sewing related stuff – and thought about it for quite a while before pressing the order link. It’s a lot of money to a Brit where the NHS is free but for this kind of treatment fairly slow and painstaking to get to a decent support like this.
I read the instructions, after trying without the first time – I’m an engineer – and wore it for two weeks while leaving alone my hobbies, and the computer as it was the Christmas break. The tenderness in my elbow completely disappeared, then the test, knitting and using the iron for quilting- standing up though.
Oh, how surprised I was, no pain at all – and a month later now, none has returned!!
I wholeheartedly recommend taking the same leap of faith.

, Dursley

The Masalo cuff

Rated 5 out of 5
8. June 2022

This Masalo Cuff is a total game changer, it enables me to play tennis three times a week , 52 weeks a year i was very dubious,but had to try it, as i was missing too much tennis due to my pain,ive had my cuff 14 months now i wear it nightimes also,the tennis elbow has not gone away,it still niggles,but this cuff is genuinly worth every penny.

, West Yorkshire

Effective, but you need to persist with it

Rated 5 out of 5
8. June 2022

initially the masalo cuff, feels a bit awkward and uncomfortable to wear – also for the first day or so it more diverts the pain as opposed to alleviating the pain. however, if you power through the first 4-5 day, the pain relief becomes appreciable. Also I think the key is to wear it all the time, and this over time makes the pain much better. I have used it while working out in the gym and also while playing golf. I feel my tennis elbow is now much better than when i started wearing the cuff. So am a satisfied customer and would recommend others to try if they haven’t been able to find a resolution for their pain. the negative is that it always is a bit awkward to wear, especially when you have a full sleeve shirt or sweater, it can feel a bit fidgety. I think the price is a deterrent for people to try the product

Aditya Khanna
, London

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